Wolfman ‘Kuato Cut’

So after much deliberation, we are proud to confirm that our favourite Wolfman pheno, is now our official Hyp3rids selection. Without a doubt, she is our new favourite strain. We are so happy with how she turned out, we can’t wait to hear from you guys when you also get to experience her.

May 1, 2022
SSSC M48 South African Sativa X Haze

A solid reproduction of some very old genetics lead us to use this HUGE lady for another of our Wolfman Collection strains. Meet SSSC’s M48, a little known release that most people thought was gone forever. But thanks to the efforts of @akbeanbrains it’s back for us all to enjoy.

April 30, 2022
Wolfman (Selection #4)

Our signature strain from the ‘Third Eye Collection’. A blend of three of the most psychoactive strains on the planet, that will leave you howling at the moon. Lots of info on our website regarding this beast of a plant, so head over there and take a look.

April 30, 2022
G13 X NL2 F1 – HYBRID – By The Seedbank Of Holland

Great strain originally by The Seed Bank of Holland, backcrossed 4 times, then taken to F3 which is what you are looking at now. This lovely lady was selected for our new Wolfman Collection, and pollenated with our F1 Wolfman male.

April 30, 2022
Golden Highland Thai, Doi Chang

What better way to celebrate than sampling some pure Thai. I forget how different real weed looks compared to modern varieties, so intricate and detailed. It make you think, weed was already perfect when it was wild. Maybe we shouldn’t mess with it so much… 🤔

April 20, 2022
No.2 Dropping Today

As well as the Wolfman Collection, we also have a new strain we are going to release on the same day. As it’s a ‘pink’ full moon we decided why not release our new purple strain too. So without further ado, presenting ‘No.2’

April 15, 2022