’95 Silver Haze X Lieu Hahn ‘Big Ho-Chi’ Male



Wolfman became our signature strain from the ‘Third Eye Collection’, a blend of three of the most psychoactive strains on the planet. This is our Wolfman ‘Lon Chaney’ F1 Male flexing his big purple balls. This male was responsible for this ‘Full Moon Collection’ and F2 reproduction.

Without a doubt, Wolfman is our new favourite strain. We are so happy with how she turned out, we can’t wait to hear from you guys when you also get to experience her. She’s easy to grow, looks like a pure sativa but stays real short and manageable. She smells divine, lots of sweet’n sour citrus, with a dash of musky haze. Taste follows suit, with extra hints of vanilla and pepper. Oh la la… 

But the high… THE HIGH…. Damn!!! This strain is something special. 

Wolfman has a rugged facade, but believe me, she’s a real pussy cat underneath. She hits slow and smooth, takes you to this bubble of warm clouds and happiness. And then you mind opens to a host of creative possibilities. She then lets you glide back to reality, leaving you warm, cosy, super super happy and content. 

We handpicked 6 different strains we thought would complement our original ‘super psychoactive’ Wolfman Haze, and selected a single female partner from each. You can see lots of information and pictures on our IG feed and website of our chosen girls so you can explore our findings. Our original Wolfman also got a F2 reproduction, so if you missed the original release, now is the time to take advantage.



The ‘Wolfman’ Collection is available to buy in our online store, and at verified vendors. Please keep up to date using our Instagram channel.

Note: All our seeds are REGULAR unless stated.



The pictures below are ALL the mother plants used in the Wolfman male crosses. Please see our IG page for more information.