’95 Silver Haze X Lieu Hahn ‘Big Ho-Chi’ Male



MOTHER – ’95 SILVER HAZE reworked and release by Nature Farm

Quote from The Nature Farm…

“Originally Created by Neville at The Seed Bank, this line was known as Haze x (Early Pearl x Skunk#1 x Northern Lights #5) Then the EPxSK1xNL5 line became known as Silver Pearl and the Haze x Silver Pearl known as Silver Haze.

This right here is the Spice of Life. Hunted from my Fathers gifted seed. Original Sensi Seeds release, Seed Increased by my father over the years and then again by myself. I was able to get 8of40 seeds to germinate and selected one outstanding Male and Female respectively to continue on the line.

Lovely loud sharp sassafrass Haze funk that is purely spice funk goodness, dead on old school rootbeer concentrate or pure raw sassafrass root scent. SPICE Haze heavily selected to the Silver Pearl end, but not without a true haze flair, these have always been selected for Effect first and foremost.

The stone cuts through anything she’s put to and entirely clears the slate so to speak during Heavy smoke sessions, even cuts through the loftiest most potent varieties with a Haze like dagger.

Entirely cerebral mind magic, does not seem to carry any ceiling whatsoever. More you smoke farther down the rabbit hole you go. Tastes just like she smells and lingers on the pallet, Beautiful expansion on the lungs and leaves you swimming in her effect with a shit eating grin across your face. Elegantly potent mind numbing all in the head stone, almost has an expanding ballon head feel to it, for me is the most perfect of medicines. Destroys anxiety and negative mindflows entirely. Potent heart feel with a 120bpm pulsation through your core. Truly full melt glands, they are large heads and plenty of them she dumps thick resins with a golden glisten.

I will include Sensi seeds Original Catalog Description as well as The Seed Bank of Holland Original Description of this line Below.”

The Seedbank of Holland – “Silver Pearl x Haze. Winner of the 89′ High Times Harvest Festival. A very similar hybrid to the Haze x NL#5 but leans a little more to the sativa side. The EP.SK#1.NL#5 mother is a quicker sweeter plant than the nothern lights#5. It has inherited the resin from the NL#5, the high Calyx to leaf ratio from the Skunk#1 and the sweetness(SPICE) from the early Pearl. This hybrid is more variable than the Haze x NL but has the potential to produce a better quality. Yield will be a little less than the Hz x NL#5, height and flower time will be similar.“

Sensi Seeds-Silver Haze, Champion 89′ Although the Cerebral High of the Sativa is preferred by many, indoor growers aren’t to fond of this type. Sativas get very tall, take a long time to finish off and produce skimpy yields. we have spent years searching for a superb Indica/Sativa hybrid suited for indoor growing. By crossing the Haze, the most powerful sativa in the world, to a non dominant indica we managed to get the height and flower time down to an acceptable level and still retain the unique sativa qualities of the High. The result: The Silver Haze, winner of the 89′ High times harvest festival. Don’t expect top yields but top quality that will excite the true connoisseur.


Lieu Hanh was our first classic Heirloom IBL release, and will also be accompanied by its own collection of LH male hybrids. So here’s some detailed Lieu Hanh information from its original creator, FET of the Spice Brothers.

“Hundreds of Neville’s haze f2s were grown out in an effort to show recessive parental traits. After careful selection and tasting we decided on very sativa dominate side of Neville’s haze that had a flowering time just short of 15 weeks and had the trippiest profound smoke quality with no paranoia or couch lock. Easy let down and no hang over”.

“An extremely early flowering Vietnamese male carrying an almost pure single cola shape growth was put over our specially selected Nevil’s Haze girl.The Viet male was so early that our girl was not prepared/advanced enough in flowering to take a dusting so pollen was collected and stored until she was ready”.

“The results have produced a sweet a piny/pepper-fruity aroma and when cured correctly brings out a lovely cameral hash-like taste when smoked. Not all offspring will bring this intense thick taste but they all carry slight undertones and very enjoyable”.

So with all that in mind, our LH collection focuses on strains with very psychoactive traits. We want people to experience some really profound cognitive weed, very different from today’s popular strains.





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Wolfman ‘Kuato Cut’ bred and selected by @hyp3rids

So after much deliberation, we are proud to confirm that our favourite Wolfman pheno, is now our official Hyp3rids selection. Without a doubt, she is our new favourite strain. We are so happy with how she turned out, we can’t wait to hear from you guys when you also get to experience her. 

She is gorgeous, we are just so happy with her. She’s easy to grow, looks like a pure sativa but stays real short and manageable. She smells divine, lots of sweet’n sour citrus, with a dash of musky haze. Taste follows suit, with extra hints of vanilla and pepper. Oh la la… 

But the high… THE HIGH…. Damn!!! This girl is something special. 

We called the strain Wolfman because of her rugged facade, but believe me, she’s a real pussy cat underneath. She hits slow and smooth, takes you to this bubble of warm clouds and happiness. And then you mind opens to a host of creative possibilities. She then lets you glide back to reality, leaving you warm, cosy, super super happy and content. 

We called her the ‘Kuato’ cut as a reference to the mutant character in the movie Total Recall (Arnie version). Anyone old enough to remember will understand the words…. “Open your mind Quaid… Open your mind…………”.


Wolfman will be our fifth original strain release, and is available to buy right here in our online store. Do not hesitate, you need this strain in you life. 

Note: All our seeds are regular unless stated.