Lemon Thai X [SBSE X Lime1 BX]

Sawā 'Negus' Male Collection


With the release of our IBL line comes the Sawā ‘Negus’ male Collection. Negus translates as ‘King’ in Jamaican, so what better way to celebrate than by letting our boy ‘sow his royal oats’. 15 different girls were selected for crosses, all grown from seed and selected by us over 2 years of very hard work. No breeder / elite clones were used. 

All of the girls expressed great vigour, structure and yields, plus great medicinal value that would complement the Sawā. All of this work has been documented on our IG page, where you can see detailed photographs of every girl in the collection (scroll down the page to see a selection here too). The genetics used where sourced from all over the world, that will undoubtedly produce some very unique surprises.

All of the crosses that made our final critiques can be seen below, and can also be obtained from our online store, * pending stock availability.



If you would like some of our Sawā ‘Negus’ Collection for your own, please hit the store button below. In most instances, once these crosses are gone…. they are GONE, so don’t sleep on these. If we choose to make any available again, they will only go out as new hybrids.

Note: All our seeds are regular unless stated.



The gallery below offers a selection of girls used in our Sawā crosses. For more information regarding each strain please go to our online store. Remember, all of the girls have been selected by us, no breeder clones here, sorry.