Hyp3rids was started out of out necessity.

In a market where 99% of folk are walking the same path, we thought we’d try and be different. Cannabis has come a long way in recent years, and with legality increasing everywhere, the boundaries of innovation are expanding. But being unique in an otherwise crowded industry requires an open mind, creativity, and most importantly, guts. something many see as lacking.

Hyp3rids has two fundamental breeding goals, quality and effect.

Everything else is secondary. Quality means for strong, vigorous growth and structure, with the ability to produce, regardless of environmental factors. Effect is purely judged on the medicinal value, both cognitive and physical.

With these two characteristics at the core of our efforts, each of our strains are broken down in the same way. The plants ability to grow and yield is measured on one side of the scale, while its medicinal value is taken into account on the other.

Our goal is to simply produce seeds that inherit both characteristics. And we’re inviting you along on our journey so you can witness first hand our trails, tribulations, and accomplishments


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