Pure Thai Landrace from elevation of 2175 m from the Doi Chang Mountain



The legend that is ‘Golden Highland Thai’. Collected at an elevation of 2175 m from the Doi Chang Mountain, these beautiful plants are considered by many as Thailand’s finest. A ‘grail’ strain in all respects, this is a very special line indeed. There isn’t much information regarding this specific stain online, so allow us to introduce her to you. 

The GHT is a high altitude cultivar collected on the Doi Chang Mountain range of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. It is one of the highest peaks of the Daen Lao Range on the Thai side of the border. Doi Chiang Dao is part of a limestone massif located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) west-northwest of Chiang Dao town and less than 40 kilometres (25 mi) south of the border with Myanmar at the eastern end of the Thai highlands. This mountain is part of Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, south of Pha Daeng National Park.


To tame our favourite GHT male we crossed him to 3 different hybrids. BOG’s Sour Bubble provided a heavy indica partner, while Dutch Passions Chocolate Trip F3 gave us a 50/50 indica/sativa to thrown into the mix. Lastly, we used the same SSSC M48 SA Sativa x Haze we used in Gemini V for a pure sativa partner.

Toffee A’mour – BOG’s Sour Bubble X Golden Highland Thai IBL – Pictures 1-3

Golden Brown – Chocolate Trip F3 X Golden Highland Thai IBL – Pictures 4-6

Bullion Haze – SSSC M48 South African Sativa / Haze X Golden Highland Thai IBL – Pictures coming soon…

Heirloom Golden Highland Thai IBL – Limited Edition Freebie (while stocks last) – Pictures 7-9


The ‘Golden Highland Thai IBL Collection’ will be available to buy in our online store in a few weeks, and at verified vendors. Please keep up to date using our Instagram channel.

Note: All our seeds are REGULAR unless stated.



The pictures below are all three hybrids and the GHT IBL.