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SSSC M48 South African Sativa X Haze

April 30, 2022
SSSC M48 South African Sativa X Haze by Super Sativa Seed Club, repro by AK Bean Brains

A solid reproduction of some very old genetics lead us to use this HUGE lady for another of our Wolfman Collection strains. Meet SSSC’s M48, a little known release that most people thought was gone forever. But thanks to the efforts of @akbeanbrains it’s back for us all to enjoy.

Pictured here is a pheno we selected that leaned more towards the pure Haze side of this hybrid. The buds are very wispy unlike her sister who put on more way more bulk. While she doesn’t have the bag appeal, the effect of this plant is nothing short of incredible.

Firstly, you don’t get any sedation whatsoever. Your vision becomes crystal clear, your ears become so sensitive you can hear the insects in the garden. She’s on par with a double espresso if you catch my drift

She’s smells real good too, think pure eucalyptus mixed with sour mango. Taste goes more menthol which is another lovely bonus. A real winner in every sense, regardless of the ‘airy’ yields.

Look out for ‘Gemini V’ on our website which is SSSC M48 X Wolfman. You’re gonna find some amazing plants in those packs for sure.

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Wolfman ‘Kuato Cut’ bred and selected by @hyp3rids
So after much deliberation, we are proud to confirm that our favourite Wolfman pheno, is now our official Hyp3rids selection. Without a doubt, she is our new favourite strain. We are so happy with how she turned out, we can’t wait to hear from you guys when you also get to experience her.
Puma, Zacatecas (Male) Mexican Landrace
Another interesting local IBL from the Zacatecas region of Mexico, famous for a number of local strains including Mezquital Oro, Huitzil and the legendary Zacatecas Purple. This again will be made available at the end of the summer as an IBL and as a cross with our No.2 flagship strain.
Garra, Jalisco (Male) Mexican Landrace
So here we have Garra from Jalisco, a local landrace IBL collected straight at the source. This was our male selection for the reproduction we just completed, and will be available at the end of the summer. I don’t have all the details to hand, but expect big skunky, odorous buds, that reek in the hot sun. Most Mexican varieties have more floral / fruity notes, so this strain is quite unique in that sense.