Date: 30 Apr 2022

SSSC M48 South African Sativa X Haze

A solid reproduction of some very old genetics lead us to use this HUGE lady for another of our Wolfman Collection strains. Meet SSSC’s M48, a little known release that most people thought was gone forever. But thanks to the efforts of @akbeanbrains it’s back for us all to enjoy.

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Wolfman (Selection #4)

Our signature strain from the ‘Third Eye Collection’. A blend of three of the most psychoactive strains on the planet, that will leave you howling at the moon. Lots of info on our website regarding this beast of a plant, so head over there and take a look.

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G13 X NL2 F1 – HYBRID – By The Seedbank Of Holland

Great strain originally by The Seed Bank of Holland, backcrossed 4 times, then taken to F3 which is what you are looking at now. This lovely lady was selected for our new Wolfman Collection, and pollenated with our F1 Wolfman male.

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