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The Piff aka NYC Haze S2 x SAWA ‘NEGUS’ MALE

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Uptown Sass [The Piff aka NYC Haze S2 x SAWA ‘NEGUS’ MALE]  //  12+ Reg Seeds


Mother | The Piff aka NYC Haze S2 – White Rabbit Farms

‘The Piff’ aka Frankie, NYC Haze, Uptown Haze or Church is a legendary unknown ‘clone only’ strain. The genetics that make up Piff have purely been speculated, no one really knows. But, the following information from ICMAG might help you somewhat.


This is a rundown of ‘Piff’ cuts. Our S2 selection goes more toward the ‘Brown Cut’. If you want something reminiscent of the ‘Black’ cut try our Cayo Hueso.


  • Black Cut – Cuban Black Haze / La Negra – Cuban Black Haze flowering 15-16 weeks, and mother of Bandaid Haze.


  • Brown Cut aka Piff aka Manhattan Brown – The second most common along with the CBH. This is also expresses the ‘church (ceder) terps’. Shortest flowering 75 to 90.


  • Audubon gold aka Puday – Longest flowering by far with insane vigour. Flowering 120 days and insane pungent beast of a plant. The most exclusive and tightly held in the original crew.


  • Redline Haze – named for bags originally sold in piffcoast may be the only one left with this cut. I’ve never smoked but it looks like extreme fire. Probably in between cbh and puday Potency wise.


  • Pity City Piff – Found in Pittsfield, MA and passed to ‘Piff Coast Seeds’, this is another 100 day haze with extreme vigour, and baseball spears for buds. A more soapy floral profile compared to the church of other haze.


Our ‘Piff’ mother selection came from an S2 seed bred by White Rabbit Farms. See pictures above.


Father | A full breakdown of our SAWĀ ’Negus’ F1 Male / IBL line is available here.