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Mumbles [G13 X NL2 BX4 F3X Wolfman ‘Lon Chaney’ F1 Male]

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Mumbles [G13 X NL2 BX4 F3X Wolfman ‘Lon Chaney’ F1 Male]  //  12+ Reg Seeds Pack


Mother | ’88 G13 NL2 F-1 Hybrid – [G13 X NL2 BX4 F3]


G13 X NL2 F1 – HYBRID originally by Scared Seeds, worked by @deep_rob


Great strain originally by Scared Seeds (Sensi), backcrossed 4 times, then taken to F3 which is what you are looking at now. This lovely lady was selected for our new Wolfman Collection, and pollenated with our F1 Wolfman male.


I spoke with @deep_rob and he said he always bred towards the G13 and I think it shows. This plant is built like a tank. Very short, hardly any stretch. Rock hard flowers. Very very VERY heavy effect. Great medicine for relaxation / sleep.


Mixed with Wolfman, expect less of a sedate effect with more electric energy…


These pictures are of our G13 NL2 selection, and mother to Mumbles.


Father | Wolfman F1 [’95 Silver Haze X Lieu Hahn ‘Big Ho-Chi’ Male]