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Ace of Haze – Pure ’82 Durban  X LIEU HAHN ‘BIG HO-CHI’ MALE

Product Description

Ace of Haze – Pure ’82 Durban  X LIEU HAHN ‘BIG HO-CHI’ MALE  //  12+ Reg Seeds Pack


Mother | ’82 Durban IBL line, originally worked by Ed Rosenthal


Our female selection for this cross was a pure 1982 Durban line with a 15 week flower flowering time. We mention this because it’s very rare these days. Most modern Durban’s go 9-10 weeks. Purity is virtually impossible to find, and the closest we’ve come to this particular line was ‘Afropips’ original Durban release.


Our selection was a large ‘stacked’ lady, that expressed ultra thin leaves and a fast growing sativa structure. In veg she got very big very quickly, so topping and training was unavoidable. I find pure sativas grow very fast indoors so cutting them back more than a few times is the only way forward. But with a little patience and creativity it’s quite easy to adapt the shape to suit your own environment.


Final girl delivers a ‘laser beam’ electric high, full of energy and positivity. She has that classic Durban haze like aroma with plenty of aniseed to boot. Taste pretty good too.


The pictures above are of our selected ’82 Durban mother.


Father | A full breakdown of our Lieu Hanh ‘Big Ho-Chi male / IBL line is available here.