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Verde Limón Pheno #2 Line #2

May 1, 2022
Verde Limón Pheno #2 Line #2 – Mexican Landrace from Chiapas. Grown and selected by us @hyp3rids

So, for the last 4 years we have been doing our best to track down a number of Mexican landraces. With only a handful of quality seeds in Europe and the US, we decided it be best to go straight to the source. Not the easiest route back in the day. But with the advent of private forums and indeed Instagram, we’ve managed to amass nearly 40+ strains with multiple lines to explore. We’re hoping to find some real interesting stuff be it pure vintage or simply any plant that expresses unique traits. Mexican weed is some of the best in the world, and we’re hoping to share some of this with you.

This is pheno #2 selected by us from ‘VL line 2’. As you can see she encapsulates the pure sativa look, but once again didn’t grow tall or stretch that much in flower. Aroma and taste are nearly identical to pheno #1, but the buds are more wispy and slightly less condensed. Leaves were super thin NLD throughout growth.

This line was collected locally in Chiapas. She went 13 weeks under 12/12, smoke report will follow…

Grow happy, @hyp3rids


Wolfman ‘Kuato Cut’ bred and selected by @hyp3rids
So after much deliberation, we are proud to confirm that our favourite Wolfman pheno, is now our official Hyp3rids selection. Without a doubt, she is our new favourite strain. We are so happy with how she turned out, we can’t wait to hear from you guys when you also get to experience her.
Puma, Zacatecas (Male) Mexican Landrace
Another interesting local IBL from the Zacatecas region of Mexico, famous for a number of local strains including Mezquital Oro, Huitzil and the legendary Zacatecas Purple. This again will be made available at the end of the summer as an IBL and as a cross with our No.2 flagship strain.
Garra, Jalisco (Male) Mexican Landrace
So here we have Garra from Jalisco, a local landrace IBL collected straight at the source. This was our male selection for the reproduction we just completed, and will be available at the end of the summer. I don’t have all the details to hand, but expect big skunky, odorous buds, that reek in the hot sun. Most Mexican varieties have more floral / fruity notes, so this strain is quite unique in that sense.