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15+ Reg Seed Pack.


From our IG feed…

After a bit of confusion we are happy to finally bring you another wonderful Mexican heirloom ,La Perla Negra. After tracking down the original source and comparing notes with a number of other Mexican growers we are certain this beautiful lady comes from Oaxaca. For anyone who is new to Mexican varieties, the Oaxaca region is known as one of the best for quality genetics. 


We also asked a few other well informed peeps, and got some interesting feedback ….


@fygtree who told us ‘La Perla Negra’ is another name for black stem Oaxacan ‘pearl’ pheno. 


@mulberry.tree.ishents aka Doja (original source) thought the name was referring to the seed morphology… “…. it’s probably (the name) a reference to the source being close to the ocean. For instance, Guadalajara is called “La Perla de Occidente”, while Mazatlán in Sinaloa is called “La Perla del Pacífico”


@frostedkush247 aka The Highland Club gave us this info… “La costa chica of Guerrero is as its name suggests, it’s a smaller costal location known for their afromexican culture ! Dry-tropical climate it starts from Acapulco down towards the boarder of Oaxaca, La Perla Negra seems to be probably the same gene along that area others do call her ‘Negra Tomasa’ after the popular song but mostly cause of its dark purple blackish stalk and branches, some families plant their crops in swamp like areas since the water seems to saturate the lands close to its shores, but I have seem many people use charcoal sand and volcanic rocks to filter much of it.”


Either way, what a lady we got here. She grows like a sativa, but has broader leaves and doesn’t stretch a great deal. All 3 phenos stayed pretty squat throughout flowering, which proved very practical under lights. A few days after these pictures were taken she started to colour up with a gorgeous purple fade, before going much darker green / purple across leaves and stems.


Every plant goes dark green / purple, including the stems, with the buds that go dark purple / black. Like the Kona Gold IBL this line produces those lovely mini-sativas, perfect for inside or out. She’s super easy to grow. No issues with uneven branching or node spacing. This girl produces gorgeous plants every time.


Aromas are real nice too. Pheno #1 (mother to repopulation) was very sweet / floral in both smell and taste, ph#2 & #3 basically follow suit. The buds are very round, and dense and sit neatly along each branch. The tips of each calyx goes purple and black very early on in flower, before being covered with trichomes.


She packs on plenty of meat during flower with the end result looking nothing short of spectacular. Images say more than words, so feast your eyes….


Photos show our La Perla Negra ‘mother’ selection


Seed Pack Details.

This souvenir pack contains 15+ regular seeds.



Hunter Pack, Reg Pack