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15+ Reg Seed Pack.


Mother – Kona Gold IBL

A very rare and illusive strain gifted to us by a private breeder based on the big island. Kona Gold is one of the big 5 legendary Hawaiian strains, that include Maui Wowie, Puna Budder and Molokai Snow, and Kauai Electric. The real-deal KG is very difficult to find so we are very excited about this release.


 Its appearance and growth structure mimic that of the classic Christmas tree sativa, but all seem to stay squat during flower. Leaves appear broader than most sativas, but they narrow down the higher up the branch you get. It’s clear many generations have gone into this IBL, but the quality of each plant remains extremely high. If you grow inside, you are gonna love these girls. 


Vigour is good, but nothing like a pure sativa. These plants grown wide with very strong branching, no need for support at all. If we’d vegged these in bigger pots I feel we see more of a stretch, but I personally love the whole ‘mini-sativa’ package. Beautiful and practical in every sense. Regarding stability, two words, ‘ROCK SOLID’!!! We have had ‘zero’ issues with this line, it’s been maintained extremely well.


The buds are very dense and pack quite a punch. The cola on pheno #1 (mother of IBL) was rock solid when she came down. To get serious yields with this line I’d suggest vegging smaller plants out in bigger pots to ensure the structure / node spacing is a little more evident. And defoliation is also a must.


Aromas go earthy musk, body-oder, hash funk for pheno #1. Ph#2 is more sour funk floral. Ph#3 is more hashy, body-oder… Taste goes hashy, earthy, pepper.. Ph#2 has a chocolate / coffee thing going on. 


Effect is AMAZING… Think a pure sativa ‘UP’ with a haze-like spaceiness, that will leave you feeling super positive and upbeat. You get these great ‘vibrations’ throughout your body that complement the head-buzz, leaving you very, very happy. This is a perfect social strain…


She packs on plenty of meat during flower with the end result looking nothing short of spectacular. Images say more than words, so feast your eyes….


Father – Kona Gold IBL


Seed Pack Details.

This souvenir pack contains 15+ regular seeds.



Hunter Pack, Reg Pack