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NL5 ‘Big Earl’ S1 X CGLE MALE

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15+ Reg Seed Pack.


Big Earl aka ‘The Nordern Lights’ eh!! – Info from our IG page…


A rare old Northern Lights clone, ‘Big Earl’ got its name from a local Québecian Earl Q, “…who was over 300 lbs and could eat 50 egg rolls at the local ‘all you can eat’ Chinese”, Kushyman’s words… lol. 


It’s not 100% which ‘Northern Lights’ line Big Earl is, but from the notes I have it’s sounding a lot like NL5. It was mainly available in Eastern Canada, and it was generally hoarded by the big guys.


Notes from KM, creator of the S1’s


“… I think it is Thai influenced.. I grew it several times outdoors where it finished later than most. The local heads would always say “when the big Nordern Light’ is ready, all other outdoor stops…”. 


“It would make baseball bat size colas ….it is potent tasty old school stuff”


“It grew tallish.. had serious lumber ..had a high that felt like it had Thai in it.. and the extra height (size) made it more likely. I can only speculate…. I did have a glorious NL#1 pheno off Sensi’s 1989 hash plant and it didn’t look like that”


“The name big ‘Nordern’ Light simply came from the French Canadian pronunciation of said name.. 


These pics show our chosen lady, who is knocked up with CGLE pollen. She’s a great looking plant with solid structure and vigour. She’s stretches a bit depending on pheno. The spacing between nodes on this girl makes the ‘Thai/Hawaiian’ argument that bit stronger. She ain’t 100% indica that’s for sure.


As above, yields are amazing. She produces rock hard, extremely resinous buds, that produce a very sharp musk / fruity funk aroma. The high is EVERYTHING you’d expect from any NL line. She goes 9 weeks (ish) and we can’t wait to see how she partners up with our Colombian Gold Legacy Edition. 


Expect JURASSIC sized yields…. 100%


Photos show our Big Earl ‘mother’ selection



Seed Pack Details.

This souvenir pack contains 15+ regular seeds.



Hunter Pack, Reg Pack