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Vietnam Black #164 Kiona S1 X LIEU HAHN ‘BIG HO-CHI’ MALE

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Vietnam Black #164 Kiona S1 X LIEU HAHN ‘BIG HO-CHI’ MALE]  //  12+ Reg Seeds Pack


Mother | Vietnam Black #164 Kiona S1 – Bred by Kiona | S1 by Doc D


We asked the good people of Kiona directly regarding there VB#164 and he’s what they said…


“Our Nam Black 164 is from Fet’s reproduction of Dutch Flowers combination of South Saigon Black and Northern Mekong Green. Ours leans heavily towards the Mekong Green and much less tropical in structure than her counterpart. Lots of nice lateral branching, not crazy tall and a moderate 14-15 flowering time. Heavenly effervescent citrus terpenes and the zippy high VB is known for. One of my favorites…” – Kiona


This lady delivers is something very special, personally I absolutely love her. 100% positive vibes, wonderful body buzz and you won’t be able to stop laughing. Basically, everything REAL cannabis is about.


The pictures above are of our selected Vietnam Black #164 mother.


Father | A full breakdown of our Lieu Hanh ‘Big Ho-Chi male / IBL line is available here.