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Don King [Donny Burger X Wolfman ‘Lon Chaney’ F1 Male]

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Don King [Donny Burger X Wolfman ‘Lon Chaney’ F1 Male]  //  12+ Seeds Pack


Mother | Donny Burger – GMO BX1 [GMO X HanSoloBurger]


Donny Burger – GMO BX1 (GMO X HanSoloBurger) by #skunkhousegenetics


While we are not the biggest fans of the ever growing world ‘Cookie’ hybrids, we do have a soft spot for Chem Cookies aka GMO. So here is Donny Burger, our second GMO based hybrid selection, and mother to ‘Don King’.


The Donny Burger produces a heavy ‘narcotic’ high that is great for relaxation and stress relief. So by crossing our Wolfman male we’re hoping to add a more buzzy / electric, less sedate effect. Hunting through beans where both parents were total opposites of one another is always very interesting. And with these two lines we guarantee you’ll find some magic for sure.


These pictures are of our Donny Burger selection, and mother to Don King.


Father | Wolfman F1 [’95 Silver Haze X Lieu Hahn ‘Big Ho-Chi’ Male]